Monday, August 6, 2012

Summercamp in Avila: Day 8



The hike yesterday was great, but exhausting. The views were amazing, but it was difficult to look around without falling down, because the path was made of rocks, so it was very irregular and difficult to walk through, which made the journey much more challenging and interesting. There were 2 fountains on the way which were really helpful, due to the extrem heat.

Once there, we went to a small pond which was near to the refuge we were staying in. It was great! I really enjoyed swimming there. Oviously, the water was icy. We were very high up in the mountains, after all. There was even a small waterfall above it, which fell onto a rock at around 3 metres high. The climb wasn't difficult,and sitting on that rock was amazing. I felt completely relaxed and in harmony with the water falling gently on my shoulders. I was one of the last 2 people to get out of the water.
On the way back, some of us decided to take a shortcut. It didn't turn out as well as they expected, but better than what I could have hoped for. We kind of came across a small cliff and were too lazy to turn around and look for a longer, but safer way, so we climbed down. I was only wearing a bikini and a towel and I had to carry my clothes and my waterbottle with me, so it was quite tricky and increadibly exciting.


Today we woke up early to walk all the way back to the bus stop, where we will be picked up at 6. Even though we've had to wait for 7 hours here, I think it was worth it. It was so much easier to walk in the morning, when the mountains hid the sun and everything was covered in a pleasant shadow, cool shadow. Also, I'd say the views where better like this.

However, I don't recomend walking before having breakfast. Specially if you are alone. You might feel sick and fall down, which, in this path, could be dangerous. If you want to enjoy your breakfast around the fountain while looking at the views, like we did, you should have a small snack first and make sure you drink enough water along the way.

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