Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer camp in Avila: Day 3



Yesterday I was interrupted by dinner and didn't have the chance to keep on writing.
Ok, so yesterday our first task was to rebuilt the tents at different positions. Due to the fact that we only had a 4 hour sleep, we had the rest of the morning free.

In the afternoon (after some more free time which we spent playing poker) we had a harder task. We had to move huge tree trunks through the forest to use in theconstructions we would build tomorrow. This was trickier than I had expected. We carried them on our shoulders, but this was hardly imposible, as we all had different heights. Also, they were heavier than I had imagined.
After we had brought 4 of them to our campsite and were eager to shower, a man appeared to talk to us. It turned out that he was the one who had cut those trees and their owner. He asked us to return them to the place wher we found them.


After breakfast we decided to go swimming in a river which is near to our campsite. Sadly, I've got my period, so I can't join them. Almost everybody is in the water now, and I've discovered that taking photos of people while they jump is kind of fun. And it's not going to be the last time we come here, so I will have another chance to swim.


Ops! I forgot something! Yesterday we were told that apart of cows and bats, there is another animal walking around which we should know about: Vipers.
Poisonous snakes. Although they are not deadly for humans, their bites are dangerous and victims need to go to the hospital inmediatly. We are supposed to be checking our stuff with sticks before taking it, because they are small and could be hiding under those objects. I haven't seen anybody do it, yet.
When they told us, I thought it would be really excitng to see one. On our way to the river we found a dead viper. I thought it was pretty cute, actually, except for the fact that it was dead. It was dark green and black, quite long, but rather thin. Although I know they are dangerous I can't help but wish to see one alive in the next couple of days.

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