Friday, August 3, 2012

Summercamp in Avila: Day 4



Yesterday we continued our day by planning the campfire night, which is today, helping the youngest group with their tents and playing some fun games.


Today has been really interesting. We tried to do some constructions in the camp. I participated in the one in which we put together the outer part of 4 old and broken temts and making some kind of roof which had to be big enough for all 40 of us to find shelter under it.
Of course, this was the most difficult construction, but I wouldn't be me without allways being looking for a good challenge.
First we had to connect the tents. This was the easy part. We rolled stones between the tents to have something to use as a starting point to tie the rope around them. Then we started to connect some of the metal sticks to lift the tent. This wasn't as easy as it sounds. We didn't nearly have as many sticks as we needed. In fact, we had to give up and start again and still didn't manage to create a comfortable environment under the tents. Then Saralden, one of our scouters, suggested to go into the forest and look for wood sticks to use those instead. We found some which were thin enough so the man I talked about yesterday would let us use them. Here's where the hard work started. We hadf to cut and sharpen the tree trunks. Then we had to burry one end and tie the other end to the tent. The wind seemed to have decided that he didn't like the noise we had done cutting, and would get his revenge by messing with our work the point where it was impossible to be inside the construction without getting hit from either side by the stormy tents.
But after a lot of hard work we completed it. Well, actually, we've just done the main structure. We might add some details later.

But this afternoon there is something completelydifferent planned. It's campfire night and we need to prepare for it. I'm really looking forward to it.

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