Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summercamp in Avila: Day 11



Yesterday was amazing! We started the day with a bus journey, which took us to the "Caves of the Eagle". I loved them. The figures and images formed by the rain, caved in the stone, really allowed my imagination to flow. Although I'm totally against building stairs and installing lamps which change the natural habitad of the cave. For example, the light produced heat which allowed moss to grow around them.
After that we went to visit some natural swimming pools with rocks around it to keep in the water which came from the river. It kept flowing at both ends, so it gave us a pleasant feeling through the movement of the water. At the  end where the river came from, it was surrounded by huge rocks and there was even a small rapid!


We arrived at our campsite at around 10 p.m., ready for dinner. However, an exciting adventure was waiting for us first. At first, it didn't seem like a big deal, just a few droplets of water, silent tears of the sky. But soon these droplets turned into waterfalls, soaking our clothes and our hair. And then we were surrounded by thunder and lightning, which made the younger children run into the dinning room and us towards the tents, to check they were attached to the ground hard enough, so they wouldn't fly away. But soon we found ourselves running to the dinning room to join the others. There we made ourselves comfortable as good as we could with 200 people crowded into one room to have dinner while we waited for the storm to pass and the rain to soften.


Today is the song festival, so we started the day, this morning by finishing the lyrics and choosing a melody. I really like how it sounds, although it's obvious that we still need a lot of practise.
After we all felt like we could never listen to that song again without puking, we did a small break which we used to lay some basebal. It was really fun, but some of us were too competitive, so in the end we spent more time arguing about whether it was a full or a strike and about whether or that player was out, than we spent playing.

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