Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summercamp in Avila: Day 7



Yesterday was a really busy day, so I will write about it today. We started the day with a fire drill which woke all of us up at 8 and made us go all the way to the river with our noses and mouths covered. It was quite exciting at first, until we were told that it was just a drill.
Then we made an activity in which we 'learned' to cook. We prepared a cake and started to cut some lemons when somebody screamed that our things were flying away. We all ran outside and started fixing tents so they stayed where they were, when something amazing happened: a tornado! Not a big and dangerous one. Just a really small one with hardly any strenght which disappeared again in 3 seconds. Not all of us were fortunate enough to see it, but I was, and the scene is kind of stuck in my head and I've got the feeling that it will stay there forever. For the first time in my life, I've seen a tornado! Come on! How many people can say that they've survived a tornado?
We finished checking all tents. This took quite long, as all younger groups had gone for 2 nights and there wasn't even half of the people of the group there. After the work we enjoyed a luxurious lunch with lemonade and cake. Of course, before that, we still had to make the lemonade, which ended up in a big lemon battle in which everybody challenged each other to eat the spare lemons. I can proudly say that I was between the 4 people who started this by eating a quarter of a lemon all at the same time. I don't really get what was so challenging about it. I think lemons are delicious. But the other 3 looked as though the were going through the worst kind of torture that they could imagine.
After lunch (the cake was delicious) we had some free time, which I and a few boys used to continue writing a song for a festival, which we had started the day before.
The last event of the day was the game which some people in our group had prepared, which was like a treasure hunt, following hints, answering questions and facing challenges like singing with our mouth full of flour. My face ended up full of paint and my hair full of flour, but I think it was definetly worth it.
After that it was time to pack. We are staying away from the camping site for 3 nights.
Today we woke up at 7 and had to organise some last minute things so that now we are on the bus, on our way to the place where we will start our 7km long hike to a lagoon at the 'Sierra de Gredos'. I've heard the views are good, but it's going to be tiring to carry my stuff for 7 km. Specially because we are hiking up a mountain

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