Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summercamp in Avila: Day 5



Yesterday was really cool.


I had a plesant surprise before the campfire. While I had been working on my construction, another group had built a gate and we all helped lift it.

Turns out, it's an old custom to trick new people during this process. I was told to go to the kitchen and fetch some salt and oil. While I walked away everybody started screaming that I should hurry up, because it was really important and I really needed to hurry. So I had to run to the kitchen, convince one of the workers, who seemed really anoyed at my request, to provide me with these ingridients and hurry back trying not to spill any of the oil over my boots, while everybody started screaming at me again. They wanted me to spill half of it in every hole in which we had put the sticks to 'make the earth denser, so they wouldn't fall'. And they were all surrounding me, trying to make me do both at the same time. Needless to say, the oil and the salt were useless. Did I know they were pulling my leg? Obviously. But I allowed them to have some fun. I had been warned about these types of jokes which were done each year to the new ones. I'm actually relieved, because I had given rather worrying examples like putting toothpaste on my face while I sleep or hiding my sleeping bag in the forest. Oh! By the way! I'm not new. I joined the scouts in October. I'm allready in my participation stage and I've done 'The Promise' to be recognised as a scout worldwide. However, this is my first summercamp, which makes me not the 'new' one, but the one who has no experience with traditions only used in summercamps, so she won't suspect anything. But the 'new' one is shorter, so it's what lazy people use to answer the question 'why me?'. However, this still doesn't answer the question, as there are 5 'new' ones here and I'm the one of these 5 who has been here the longest.

The campfirenight was also amazing. Althought there was no fire, as I had expected. Every group made a small play and we presented them with some characteristic sketches between their auditions.

After it we had another incidence worth mentioning: a battle between two tents, mine and the one next to it. I share the tent with another girl and 4 boys. Two of the guys from the other tent tried to get in to fight with those boys and I managed to keep them outside for 10 minutes on my own, until they managed to open it. And only because they opened a space big enough for their arms and started tickling me. Ironically, those are the the only other people from the scouts who are in my class. Why didn't the boys hold them back? I sleep next to the door, so I was the only person who was there fast enough to hold them back. And after they saw that I was strong enough to do that, they didn't bother to stand up and help me anymore. After all, it was 1 a.m.
Today we have done some activities. We started with one to cut T-shirts with an amazing result. I really enjoyed it, and now I'm looking forward to trying out some more techniques when I get home. I can't do it here because:
1. I don't have scissors.
2. I only brought one spare T-shirt with me, as we were told that we would need one.
After that we had an activity about racism, which included a debate, some work with newspapers and some sketches. I played a muslim woman in one of them and one of the boys who attacked us yesterday was my husband.

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