Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Camping Trip Part 2

The camping trip was fantastic! I had imagined it to be really exciting. Well, it was even more exciting than I had thought.
First we got to the beach through a ravine. It was a 6km walk! But I think we might have ended up walking a bit more, because we got lost and then had to get through some plants with spikes to get back to the right way.
It was really exhausting to carry all my stuff for so long. I guess I can learn from that to not take so many unnecesary things with me next time.
We spent the night next to a wonderful, small, rocky beach. Hardly anybody was there, so we had the whole beach for us alone most of the time.
The underwater views were increadible! There was so much wonderful wildlife and the water was full of shining fishes!
At night I was so exhausted, that I think I was the person in the group who slept best. Almost everybody stayed up for hours cursing the stones under their sleeping bags.
We didn't go back on the same way on which we had gotten there. This time we took a much shorter way. But it felt as if it had been much longer, as we had to walk up a mountain.
I can't believe that I forgot to take my camara with me...

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