Saturday, October 8, 2011

Swimming to "La barra" Part 1

So here I am. Ready for my first adventure. I thought it would be suitable to start up with something that's not to dificult, just so I don't spent ages between the first part and the second part of this article. So this is what I've decided:I'm swimming to... "La barra!!!!"I know I've already writen it in the title, but I wanted to write it here anyway.
I guess those of you who don't live in Gran Canaria will be trying to figure out what I'm talking about right now. Well, don't worry about looking it up in the internet, because I'm going to explain it right now:
It's a rocky place which you can only reach swimming (or in a small boat, but nobody does that, and it's not as exciting...). But only if the tide is low, because if it's to high, it disappears underwater.
I've never been to this place, but I know that it is full of sea urchins and that the water on the other side of it is quite dangerous.
So why have I chosen this location for my first adventure? Well, I guess that mainly it was because it was the first think I thought of and I didn't want to think more about (jajaja, just joking). Ok, back to the topic: I chose it because it was easy and achievable, but at the same time challenging and a bit scary (the part with the sea urchins). Also, I will not have to spent any money on it, and I don't have to leave the island, so I can perfectly make it on a normal weekend, instead of waiting for the next holidays.
So how will I achieve it? Here's what I'm planning to do:

1. Researching at which time of the day the tide will be low. This step is very important, because I don't want to spend hours at the beach waiting, only to realise that the tide is increasing.

2. Decide which of the available hours fits best (so that I still have enough time for my homework and exams)

3. Choose a weekend for which I don't have anything planned yet and during which I have not to many exams to learn for.

4. Do all my homework on the same day I get them during the week before the weekend for which I have planned my adventure, so I don't have a pille of not-yet-done homework, which end up getting me to change my plans for next weekend.

5. Stand up early (My definition for early on a weekend is around 8-8:30) and finish whatever I have to do.

6. Go to the beach at the time which I have choosen with my underwater camara, but without any other valueble objects, as I will have to leave my stuff on the beach.

7. Swim towards "la barra". (Finally!)

8. Walking around, enjoying the views as much as it is possible to enjoy them without glasses and taking pictures.

9. And finally (skipping all the steps during which I swim back) I will write a great article about my experience and publish it on my new blog!!! (which had 3 visits yesterday!! I din't expect that, so thank you for reading my articles everybody and please leave a comment!!)

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