Monday, October 3, 2011

Searching for excitement

This blog is going to be about my personal experiences in search for exciting adventures to break the routine I, and I think most teenagers who care for their education, go through daily.
I'm going to organise this blog in different articles of two parts each. I might do some articles with more parts in the future, but for now, lets stick to those two parts.

1. Planning:
         This part will include some information about what I'm going to do, and how I intend to do it.
2. Adventure:
         This part will be the actual summary of what I've done. I could publish it just some days after the planning, or it could take me weeks or even months (in these case I'll publish other, smaller adventures between both parts). 

I don't mind if you read only the second part of each article. It's probably going to be the most interesting one. The first part will be more a way for myself to get organised than anything else. But it might also be useful if you want to live a similar adventure and you don't really know where to start. But you should never just do exactly the same as I do. After all, live is not about reliving other's lives, but about living your own live, however you want to live it.

So here's a warning about this new blog of mine which I've just started:
I'm going to start small! Don't expect me to start up climbing an active volkan or going for a tour on my own through the own rainforest.
I would love to do those those things, but I'm just 15 and I've never lived a real adventure before. I'M NOT INDIANA JONES!!
But I know that one day I'm going to live really increadible adventures. And who knows, I might end up climbing an active volcan or going on a tour through the rainforest one day. But I don't want to start living adventures one day. I want to start today. And that's what I'm doing right know, just by taking the decicion to do so.

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