Monday, November 7, 2011

Learning to do PARKOUR!

I know I've not been writing for a while, but that doesn't mean that I've stopped looking for adventures in everything I do. So here's my newest adventure, but I've skipped the first part of the article this time, because I've been so busy.

Saturday was a great day! I spent all afternoon with my friends learning from two of them about a sport which I had never really been interested about before. Actually, I spent the morning with these friends, too, but we were doing something diffenrent.
Parkour is a really interesting type of sport. It consists in running around jumping over obstacles as walls and fences. It has different variations, but this is what it was originally.
It turned out that jumping around wasn't as difficult as it seemed. And it was a great feeling of acomplishment to turn around and look at what I had jumped over.
Also, I learn how to land on the floor if I fall down from a roof (we didn't practise on a real roof, of course!).
I had often seen people with such huge balls like those you use at the gym, digging them up on the sand, so that half of them can still be seen and then using them as a mattresses to jump on. I had always wanted to try this, so you must imagine my surprise, when I found out this was another variation of parkour. But I didn't really manage to do anything without falling into the sand. I had to wash my hair afterwards!
I would really recomend to everybody to try out this sport (as long as you are not terrified of jumping, like one of my friends). And, who knows, you might end up getting passionately about it and being really, really good. All it takes is a bit of practise. And it's definetly worth the try. And even falling into the sand can be fun!

I don't know where I will have a lot of time to keep my blog actualised for the next month, as my exams are getting nearer and nearer and I need to study the topics from this year and last year, when I was in a different school (I've photocopied all the excercise books from last year). But I'll try my best! And you can look forward to some faboulous articles in the Christmas holidays!

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