Friday, July 6, 2012

Trip to Cataluña: Day 5

At the speed of light

Day 5,  21: 24

Wow! Portaventura was amazing! And when I say amazing, I mean like really, really amazing.
Needless to say, I've really enjoyed myself today. I haven't had any chance to write today, because I forgot my ipod (I'm writing this on the notes, so I can just email it to myself to get it to my computer instead of copying it again) in the hotel room, so I couldn't write on the bus (second time in a row I don't write from the bus! wow!) and I couldn't use the ipod camera to take some photos.
Ok, so before I tell you about my time in portaventura, you should know, if you didn't know it already, that portaventura is a funfair. And it's not just a funfair. It is tthe funfair which has the quickest rollercoaster in Europe (or at least I was told that, I'll have to research it when I've got access to the internet again). And guess what! Ok, so if you don't guess what I'm going to say now it would be weird. Take a time to think about it before you keep reading if you don't want to make a fool out of yourself.
I went on that rollercoaster! I went on "Furious Baco"! And it was so scary! It went that fast that my biggest fear at that moment wasn't falling down, but bumping my head into the security belts. I still have a headache from that. Isn't that awesome? This rollercoaster was divided in small parts. Each of these could fit in 4 people, who sat down, had there security belts put on and were left hanging there from the rollercoaster. I've always thought that those rollercoasters in which you can't touch the floor are the scariest ones. Having something under your feet has always given me a sense of security. The curves were the scariest bit. It was impossible to avoid bumping you head into everything around you. But going up, at that moment when you reach the top of the ramp and look down, when you know you are about to fall there with breathtaking (literally, I forgot to breath) speed gave me an incredible sense of adrenaline. And turning around to look at the next group screaming after I had gotten down, made me feel really good about myself. I know rollercoasters don't really prove ones courage. But after all, courage is not the absence of fear, but the acting dispite fear. And I was scared. I considered turning back. And I took a deep breath. And I did it.
Of course there were other roller coasters, too. I bought a fastpast, which included only one ride on a list of ten rollercoasters, which were supposed to be the best ones, so I just went over that list going on all of them. I really enjoyed the Dragon Khan and the Shambhala. And the tuki splash was perfect to get completely wet on such a hot day, but I would recomend wearing swimming clothes for this one or riding on it at the beginning, so you have enough time to dry. Also I've found this fastpast to be very effective. The queues were really long, some went up to 4 hours waiting time. We only had 7 hours to visit the park, and we also needed some time to get in and have lunch, so without the fastpast, we could have only visited a big rollercoaster and a small one, which should have a shorter queueu Paying this extra €25 we could visit the best attractions in the park. It even helped us figure out which attractions were the best, so, as a group, we didn't need to argue about where to go. And, of course, it made me feel so powerful to simply get through and look at all the jealous faces on the queue. Of course, some rollercoasters had a queue at the fastpast part, too, but these were so much smaller. And others didn't even have one person waiting. I wasn't sure about whether it would be worth the money at first, but now I can only recommend this investment, if you can afford it.
Ops! I forgot to mention something! Have fun! Funfairs are as entertaining as you make them! Such thinks as singing out loud on the slow rollercoasters (they weren't on the list, but they were on our way and some of them had no queue at all) or dancing on a small stage you find, until just about everybody is watching or has joined in, can really improve your mood. And it will make other visitors, and specially workers, who spent there all day and must be so bored of doing the same think everyday, smile for a while.

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