Thursday, July 5, 2012

Trip to Cataluña: Day 4

Day 4,  9:12

Today is not going to be very exciting. We are going from the mountains, to the city, where we will spent the rest of the trip. So todays plan is sitting on the bus for some hours, going to a spanish village for lunch, sitting on the bus for some more hours and finally going shopping in Barcelona. Not very exciting. Actually, it's not exciting at all. But I'm going to write about it anyway, as it's part of the trip, even though it's going to be a boring day. To be honest, I only wanted to come to this trip, because of the first two days. If we had just stayed in the city for the week, I would have probably not come, as none of my friends are here anyway, so I've had to spent all my free time with people I don't reallly know very well. Wasn't as bad as I had expected, though.
The bus, in which I've been sitting all of this time, has finally started moving. I say goodbye now to the first part of our trip.

Day 4,  11:08

Still in the bus.

Day 4,  11:09

I'm bored.

Day 4,  11:10

Still bored.

Day 4,  12:31

We made a small stop to strecht our legs at a village. There we went to a very nice antiquitats shop and to a small playground, which we found. Now we are back in the bus, ready to continue our journey.

Day 4,  12:52

So bored...

Day 4,  13:56

Still bored...

Day 4,  14:42

This is a very long bus journey...

Day 4,  18:20

We are on the bus now on the way to the hotel. We only had 20 minutes to go shopping, but I've managed to find presents for all my friends and my sister in that short time. I'm curious about the new hotel and about the new people I'll be sharing a room with.

Day 4,  22:18

I've got an important achievement to announce: I'm not writing from a bus!
I'm writing from the beach, where I can see the moon. It's beautiful out here. Of course, Gran Canaria is full of beaches, but it is the first time I swim in the mediterrenean sea, so we could call this an adventure. The water is so nice here. Even though it's quite late, it is still warm and nice.
We came here after dinner. We first spent a while in the water (only those who were brave enough to go swimming at this time of the night) and then we bought a frisbe and started playing, first outside and then in the water. Then everybody sat down and relaxed, but my body was screaming for more action after spending 5 hours on the bus this morning, so I went for a walk. This beach is huge. I loved it. I really enjoyed myself. I think that it is the first time since I came to Barcelona that I was actually by myself. And the first time I was relaxed. I'm neither an introvert nor an extrovert. I change depending on my mood and on the situation. And right now, I really needed an introverted moment. Now I can continue the rest of the journey being an extrovert.
Oh, yes! I had forgotten something! We checked in at the hotel before. Our room was tiny. When I say tiny, I mean tiny. Just look at the photos and I'm sure you'll agree (great! now I need to remember to take photos of my room later...).

Ok, so here's what happened. We got into our room and I was going to sit down on my bed. I sat down like a civilised person. I didn't jump into bed or leave myself fall into it or run towards it. I just sat down. And guess what happened: it broke down. It literally broke down under me. One moment I was sitting and the next I was rolling on the floor. Oh, did I mention that the door was open and our whole year group was outside looking for their rooms? In a few seconds my room was full of people laughing. Those who hadn't been lucky enough to see it and entered asking what had happened were given a perfect representation by one of the students with the most talent in acting. Ok, so I must admit, it must have been hilarious, but I'm not really keen on the jokes about my weight which went on during the rest of the day. The hotel is called "hotel canada palace", if you want to know which hotel to avoid when you are in Barcelona (or if you want to know which hotel to go to if you want to have a laugh). Although; to be fair, the food is simply delicious and it is quite good situated. Or at least with my definition of good situated. It is an hour from the city centre, but rigth next to the beach.

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